eWaste Glossary

You already know that ProTek Recycling is your go-to for all your electronics recycling needs, but what exactly do all these terms we use mean? Look no further – your official eWaste Glossary is here! We’ve compiled a list of definitions for the most common terms in our field of business to help you better […]

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Computer Recycling for Government Entities

ProTek Recycling is trusted by Government Entities for electronics recycling because we take the security and safety of our clients very seriously. We have partnered with several Government offices in the Northeast in the past and have been able to take care of their electronics recycling needs, while protecting their personal data. When working with […]

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We’re Privacy Minded: Data Destruction

As we have always stressed, our clients’ security and safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to electronics recycling. That is why we are extremely proud of our Data Destruction service, which wipes the drives in your old electronics clean of any personal files and/or data. We can “destruct” the data in all […]

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Electronics and Computer Recycling Services

ProTek Recycling is your go-to, local business for recycling electronics! We’re proud to be known as the people you can trust when it comes to properly recycling your electronics, while keeping your personal information and sensitive data completely safe. Electronics that are disposed of in the trash can cause a variety of problems for the […]

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Why Choose ProTek?

w When it comes to recycling electronics, you want to work with a registered company that is compliant with federal and state laws. You want to have someone who you can trust to take care of your eWaste, not only efficiently, but securely as well. That’s what you’ll find with ProTek Recycling! With ProTek, you […]

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eWaste: Are You Compliant?

Many people do not realize the recycling electronics is an important issue. When electronics are improperly recycled by a business, this can not only put the company’s data at risk, but can also result in legal action being taken against the company. We see a recent example of this when Comcast was found guilty of […]

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