Recycling for Schools and Universities

ProTek Recycling offers e-waste recycling solutions for numerous municipalities including educational facilities from K – 12 to universities. Take into consideration the amount of sensitive information electronic devices hold for students, faculty, and staff. Data breaches are a serious issue that can be thwarted when the proper precautions are taken; starting with working with a […]

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Healthcare E-Waste Challenges

The healthcare industry has made great advancements and improvements when it comes to providing the care we need. With these advancements comes the need to update the technology they use each day. These advancements further the need to defend against identity theft while disposing of materials properly. Healthcare E-Waste and Hazardous Components Due to short […]

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E-Waste’s Environmental Impact

When disposing of e-waste or electronic devices, it is important to choose a reliable company who will go through the steps of properly recycling your unwanted equipment. Choosing to dispose of your equipment in a way that doesn’t align with New York State’s Disposal Ban not only puts your data and proprietary information at risk, but, […]

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The Dangers of E-Waste

The growth of offices and businesses combined with the advancements in technology means consumers are updating their equipment more frequently. As you determine that your electronics have reached the end of their life or usefulness, it is your responsibility to ensure they are properly disposed of thus reducing the potential dangers of e-waste. E-Waste There […]

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Computer Recycling Made Easy for New York City

Whether you have recently upgraded the computers your company uses, or you will be going through this in the future, it is essential to dispose of the equipment in an efficient and environmentally responsible manner. One important aspect of every business is the organization’s security, which is why it is essential to allow experienced professionals […]

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Zero Waste Recycling with ProTek Recycling

Zero Waste Recycling Zero waste policies, and programs, have established practical ways to eliminate waste while safely reusing or recycling products. As stated by the Zero Waste International Alliance “Implementing Zero Waste will eliminate all discharges to land, water or air that are a threat to planetary, human, animal or plant health.”  The process utilized by our […]

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