Recycling for Schools and Universities

ProTek Recycling offers e-waste recycling solutions for numerous municipalities including educational facilities from K – 12 to universities. Take into consideration the amount of sensitive information electronic devices hold for students, faculty, and staff. Data breaches are a serious issue that can be thwarted when the proper precautions are taken; starting with working with a reputable recycling facility when the time comes to update equipment.

Electronic Recycling for Schools and Universities

Many educational institutions are faced with time constraints, limited resources, and demanding schedules which can make recycling older model computers and other electronics an issue. With such constraints in mind, ProTek Recycling offers scheduled pickups which makes recycling solutions for businesses, municipalities, educational institutions and many others more manageable.

While it may seem like the ideal solution to donate or sell unwanted equipment, this actually puts the institution at risk for a data breach. Laptops, desktop computers, external hard drives are some of the devices schools and universities use on a regular basis that holds a monumental amount of personal data. From social security numbers, dates of birth, and in some situations credit or payment information are all at risk of being compromised if the equipment is not properly taken care of.

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As a NYS registered electronic waste collection and recycling firm (DEC # 00838) we are dedicated to the efficient and permanent destruction of all personally identifiable data. The combination of our e-waste recycling experience and our strict adherence to laws and regulations helps to give educational institutions peace of mind when the time comes to recycle their unwanted electronic materials. To learn more about our complete data destruction processes, or to schedule a pickup, contact us today!

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