Consequences of Improper Data Destruction

improper data security

As a business owner, you’re not just responsible for yourself. You’re responsible for all of the private information and data belonging to your employees, clients, and your company. Eventually you’ll need to dispose of data and hardware that is no longer relevant or necessary. If done improperly, you and your business could suffer some serious consequences. With over 1500 clients, ProTek recycling is your one stop shop for all your electronics recycling and data destruction needs.

Five Repercussions of Improper Data Destruction

Data Breach

If you don’t hire a reputable company to properly recycle your electronics and destroy the data, you’re at a high risk for a security breach. Even if you delete documents off a computer, dumpster divers can easily snatch and steal the information. The thieves can then use the confidential data to breach your system. Once they’ve done so they’ll discover a wealth of data and information.

Government Fines

If you experience a data breach, or if you’re found negligent when it comes to complying with federal, state, local, and industry-specific privacy laws, you could find yourself facing government fines as well as criminal charges.

Just like consumers are lawfully required to dispose of electronics in the right ways, doctors, hospitals, and the healthcare industries need to be doubly diligent to dispose of electronics in a manner that protects the public and their healthcare records. A HIPAA violation penalty can range from $100 per incident up to $1.5million.

Loss of Revenue

While you’re busy recovering from a data breach, your business could be losing thousands in revenue. The data breach may force your company to experience some downtime, which means a loss in sales and money spent paying employees even though they’re not working.

In addition, some customers will likely stop doing business with you. Clients and customers trust you to protect their data and failing to do so is a deal breaker for many. Prospective clients may also reconsider doing business with you, worried that another breach could occur in the future.


In addition to government fines, your business could face civil suits from customers who had their identities stolen. These law suits will require even more time and money from your business, resulting in an even bigger loss of revenue.

Loss of Reputation

Ultimately, the above consequences lead to a loss of reputation. Word gets around and your business may become known as “the one with the data breach”. Ultimately, this could affect your ability to continue conducting business.

Hiring a Reputable E-waste Recycling & Data Destruction Company

By hiring ProTek Recycling you can avoid the risks of improper data destruction by hiring a reputable e-Waste recycling company. ProTek Recycling is strongly committed to protecting the data of our clients, meaning we never view, copy, or other access any data on hard drives that you give us to wipe clean. ProTek Recycling is a one stop shop for all your electronics recycling and data destruction needs.

Our in-house services will completely destroy your data, whether that’s with software destruction or by physical destruction. We’re also HIPPA compliant and will ensure your patients data is properly destroyed and that you avoid HIPPA violation penalty fees.

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