How to Be Ready for Your Electronics Recycling Pick up With Protek

Our aim at ProTek Recycling is to provide top notch service when you recycle electronic equipment by removing everything you’d like to recycle in a fast and efficient manner.  That way you can be sustainable in your work practices but get back to your business quickly!

To do that, we have some tips and guidelines to set your electronics recycling experience up for a successful removal.

Planning before your pickup:

  • If your building requires a Certificate of Insurance (COI), please provide sample at least 3 days before the pickup.
    • Nothing delays or reschedules a pickup like not having a proper COI on file. So, make sure we know if one is needed well in advance!
  • Provide both a primary, secondary phone number and an email address to make sure we can reach you if there are any delays or issues.
    • We like communication and hope you do too. It helps us provide stellar customer service!
  • Provide the precise location of the freight or loading dock even if it is the same physical address of the business
    • Is your freight/loading dock the same address as the physical address? If so, that’s nice and simple, but please let us know! If your building is more complicated and it’s around the block on another street, that is perfectly fine, but let us know that too so we can find your entrance as quick as possible.  We want to be on time for your pickup!
  • Unplug and detach electronics from the building, wall or floor.
    • It is our policy that our employees don’t unplug or detach any equipment, as we don’t want to accidentally unplug anything that shouldn’t be. So, make sure this is done in advance!  If equipment is hardwired to the building, you may need extra time to get these detached and ready to go!
  • Remove any remote management software and BIOS locks on the equipment.
    • The most sustainable form of recycling is re-use, that means we do refurbish the recycled equipment for new markets. (That’s part of how we keep our service fees low.) So, please make sure the locks are removed as it helps up provide a low-cost electronics recycling service.
  • Provide an accurate estimate for the total amount of equipment that will be recycled.
    • We understand you’re excited to be recycling electronics. We are too!  But if you find you have more equipment, please let your account executive know.  We love recycling electronics, but we allocate time and space for each of our wonderful customers based on what you tell us.  If you have more or less, we’re happy to work with you on those changes, but for our crew to be prepared to remove your equipment in the most efficient manner, we need up-to-date information!
    • NOTE: If there is more equipment at the time of pickup than was previously indicated, our crew may only be able to remove that which was initially requested due to time or space restrictions.
    • NOTE: If there is less equipment at the time of pickup than was previously indicated, additional pickup fees may apply.

On the day of your pickup:

  • Have all equipment gathered in one designated area
    • This minimizes the amount of time it takes to remove the equipment. Plus, as much as we love working with you, we have other customers we have promised to be by at a certain time, and we need to arrive on time for them, like we do for you.
  • Have a representative of your company present for the removal of your electronics
    • We want to make sure we remove everything that was requested and nothing else.
  • We need to confirm what data destruction services (if any) with you.

We’re so happy you are working with ProTek Recycling for your electronics recycling and data destruction needs.  We look to remove your equipment in a fast and efficient manner, so you can get back to your work.  We greatly appreciate you following these guidelines and doing so should help make your experience the best it can be.

As always if you have any questions, please contact your account executive today or for new customers, please contact us at 844-777-6835 to speak to a commercial recycling expert.

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