The Benefits of Recycling Your Computers

It’s pretty much impossible to not be aware of the many benefits from recycling. It saves many of the earth’s resources, helps reduce the amount of waste found in landfills, and encourages people to find other ways to use the used items around their homes and offices. Most of us are familiar with recycling standards […]

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Yes, Even Computer Monitors Can Be Recycled

When people think of computer recycling, they tend to focus on the computer itself. Many tend to forget the hazardous materials that exist within computer monitors as well. Monitor recycling is super important because of the toxic innards that can help ruin the environment, air, and take up unnecessary space in our nation’s landfills. The […]

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How Important is Recycling of Computer Components?

Most people think they have the concept of recycling down pat — even if they don’t participate. Most consumers know that recycling is available and that it’s probably important, so the concept of reusing everyday household items like plastics and metals through recycling is common knowledge. The same goes for businesses. Many consumers and businesses […]

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