The Complete Guide to Media Sanitization

Simply throwing away your electronic devices puts your sensitive personal data at risk, including your financial or medical information. That is on top of any risk of not following eWaste environmental laws that may be in place for your state or county. Whether you plan on transferring ownership of your electronics or disposing of them, […]

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How Data Security Services Keep Your Business Safe

Your data is one of your most important assets. It’s what keeps your business running, and it’s essential to protect it from hackers and other cyber threats. That’s where data security services come in. These professional services can keep your business’s data safe and secure, using a variety of methods to ensure compliance and guarantee […]

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10 Reasons to Shred Your Hard Drive

Unlike modern cloud servers, physical storage devices, like hard drives, can leave data exposed, if the data is not properly destroyed. Simply throwing them away can leave sensitive information accessible to hackers, as well as potentially contaminate the environment and violate compliance regulations.  Today, we are going to cover 10 key reasons why hard drive […]

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Why You Should Recycle Computers With Reputable Companies That Have A Zero Landfill Policy

How Zero Landfill Policy Benefits Your Business Reputable recycling companies that adopt a zero landfill policy for electronic waste guarantee that your old computers and other devices are not disposed of in large public landfills. This practice helps protect the environment while also preventing sensitive data on your devices from potentially being accessed in the […]

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The Guide to Commercial Recycling for Electronics in NY

Streamline Your Commercial Recycling for Unwanted Electronics For New York businesses, following commercial recycling guidelines for electronics is essential. Disposing of your unwanted e-waste through proper channels can ensure that sensitive information remains protected and help avoid any potentially costly legal liabilities. Today, we are going to cover everything you need to know about commercial […]

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Data Destruction 101: Essential Tips

Best Practices for Data Destruction Data destruction is the process of overwriting or completely eliminating data from a hard drive or other electronic storage device. When recycling or disposing of old electronics, removing your private data is a critical step. Proper data destruction practices ensure that you’ve removed sensitive personal information that could be used […]

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Keeping Clients & Crew Safe During COVID-19

As many of us are returning to work after months of working from home, you may be faced with an unfinished to do list that includes disposing of your old electronics. ProTek Recycling wants you to know that we are scheduling commercial pick-ups so your devices can continue to be disposed of properly and responsibly. […]

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