Choosing An e-waste Recycling Center in New York City

With updated laptops, desktop computers, phones and printers being released every year, it’s easy for large businesses to generate e-waste at an alarming rate. While reselling, reusing, or refurbishing electronics is an option, some are too old or obsolete to do so. When this is the case, finding the right electronic waste recycling center in New York City is imperative.

You should look for a company that recycles responsibly, can handle any amount of waste your business may have, and accepts the electronics you’re looking to recycle. When choosing the right e-waste center for you, follow these tips:

E-waste Recycling in New York City

What Are Your Needs?

Step one in finding the right e-waste company is to know your own needs. How much do you have to recycle, what are you recycling, and how often will you need to recycle items? Knowing the answer to these three questions will help you quickly find a company that suits your business.

Estimate how much you produce on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Next, determine the top 5 items you commonly get rid of. Do you have a lot of old laptops laying around or are there 10 bins of old batteries and chargers in the supply closet? Not every company accepts the same items so it’s important to know what you’re getting rid of, and any potential items you could get rid of, before deciding on an e-waste recycling company.

Environmental Commitments

Above all else, choose a company that recycles responsibly. Improper recycling has negative environmental and human health impacts in addition to limiting access to quality reusable and refurbished equipment. Look for a company that is a NYS registered electronic waste collection and recycling firm. A zero-landfill policy is also a bonus!

Data Destruction

A crucial thing to consider is data destruction. You should be able to recycle your electronics and have peace of mind knowing your employee and client personal information isn’t being shared or misused. Ask about the recycler’s data destruction policy and if they provide a certificate of destruction to have in your records. If the recycler refurbishes items, make sure there is a line in the contract the specifies all personal information will be wiped from devices.

How is the e-waste Collected?

Are you responsible for bringing the items to a collection center or will someone pick them up for you? In New York City, having to bring all of your unwanted electronics to a recycling center is a hassle; instead, look for a company that will come to you!

Questions You Want to Ask

In addition to what we’ve discussed, below are a few questions you’ll want to ask any company you’re considering working with.

  • Is there a minimum number of items you’ll pick up?
  • Is there a maximum quantity?
  • Does the equipment have to be working to be recycled?
  • What don’t you accept?
  • Will you destroy my data?
  • When will you pick up my electronics?

Working with ProTek Recycling

ProTek Recycling has been in the business of providing companies in major cities, including New York City (Manhattan), with an electronics waste recycling service that is known for being affordable and dependable. We provide in-house services that completely destroy your data so that you can have peace of mind.

We’re also a NYS registered electronic waste collection and recycling firm and have a zero-landfill policy. We’ll work with you to create a pickup that works for you, whether that’s a one-time pickup or recurring pickups. We can also provide heavy-duty palletized cartons to keep on site. Once it’s full, contact us and we’ll be there to pick it up within 72 hours. E-waste recycling has never been easier!

If you’re ready to recycle your electronics in a safe and easy way, contact us to get your free quote!

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