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Throughout the life of your business your equipment will go through a series of changes and upgrades, but, what do you do with your outdated and obsolete equipment?

At ProTek Recycling, we provide minimal-cost services to businesses with the least amount of hassle. Our professionals will come to your office and collect your electronics at your convenience. There is no maximum amount of equipment that we’ll haul away, we will work with you in order to develop a custom solution fit for you and your business!

Companies, especially tech and cyber security companies can have hundreds of pounds in electronics waste. By increasing their electronics recycling efforts, these companies can reduce toxic waste in landfills and remain in environmental compliance. We accept a variety of office electronics including computers, servers, TVs, laptops, phone systems, or printers. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your free quote today!

One of the biggest risks for a company that does not recycle their eWaste is data theft. These companies often have classified, proprietary information stored on computers, cellphones, drives, and more. When obsolete pieces of technology are thrown into landfills, they can easily be picked up and restored which puts your data at risk. If your company data gets into the wrong hands, you could become the victim of fraud and face serious liabilities. With ProTek Recycling, you can also rest assured that all sensitive data will be safe with our Certified Hard Drive & Data destruction.

When it’s all said and done, our zero-landfill policy keeps your electronics out of landfills, benefiting the environment.

Our recycling facility services businesses in Boston, MA, Manhattan, NY, Albany, NY as well as Troy, NY. With this much coverage, ProTek Recycling is the clear choice for all of your recycling needs. Contact us when you’re ready to get started on your recycling project!

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