100% Guaranteed Data-Destruction

ProTek Recycling offers data destruction options to securely and quickly destroy your information.

We at ProTek Recycling know that data security is of the utmost importance to you. We want all of our clients to know what options they have to destroy data on their data-containing devices.  With data breaches becoming more and more prevalent and sensitive, it’s important that companies all take steps to ensure personal data, company data and client information is protected and ultimately destroyed.  At ProTek Recycling, we have the capability to shred your hard drives, tape drives, cell phones and other data containing devices.  If you have any questions about these services, please call or submit a request and we’re happy to answer them.

We make data destruction easy, with just 2 steps!

Your work ends here! Step 1: Request our data destruction services!  We’ll gather details about your request and send a quote.
Step 2: Gather your equipment for data destruction and any extra equipment for recycling in one place.
ProTek goes to work! Step 3: Our crews personally pick up your equipment for data destruction directly from your office and bring it straight back to our office. Please note, unlike most of our competitors, we do not use subcontractors or third-parties for these services.  When you work with ProTek, you work exclusively with ProTek!
Step 4: ProTek’s professional trained staff remove all the hard drives and other data containing devices and put them through our shredder!
Step 5: ProTek sends you a certificate of destruction with a serialized list of data containing devices that were destroyed and what units they came from!


Large quantities of bare drives or equipment containing drives can be picked up by our staff.  No quantity is too large! For small quantities (1-20 drives) you may be mailed to our site for destruction or we can pick them up, your choice! We can also remove the drives from equipment we pick up for recycling.

Our promise to you: We will NEVER view, copy, or otherwise access any data on equipment that we receive.

Are you interested in on-site Data Destruction?

Considering doing it yourself?

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Hard drives that are not operational cannot be destroyed with software destruction methods.
  • Equipment for physical destruction can be very expensive to purchase and install.
  • Physical destruction leaves you with debris and material that are tough to recycle.
  • Machinery to shred or physically destroy devices can have dangerous mechanisms; stay safe!
  • Hard drives must be removed from electronics, which can take extra tools and your employees’ valuable time.
  • Magnetic degaussing only works on magnetically stored data and will not work on solid state drives.

Before you waste valuable time and effort trying to do it yourself, call ProTek Recycling!  ProTek Recycling offers physically shredding services to destroy your hard drives, tape drives, cell phones and other data containing devices. With our shredders on the road and in our facility, we have multiple solutions for your data destruction needs!  Call us today!

We Also Destroy

  • LTO, DLT, DAT, AIT, DDS and SLR tapes
  • Reel-to-Reel tapes
  • 5” and 5.25” floppy disks
  • CD/DVD/Blu-ray disks

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