Financial Data Destruction with ProTek Recycling

ProTek Recycling brings true peace of mind to all of our clients with our data destruction guarantee. The destruction of data, including financial data, is essential. No matter if you are a credit union, stockbroker, investment bank, or other financial institution ProTek Recycling has the capability and experience to recycle your electronics.

ProTek Recycling offers 100% guaranteed data destruction for every item that we destroy. There are two levels of secure data destruction.

1. Software Destruction: Hard drives go through an overwriting process at least 3 times with a random number sequence. By going through this process all data is irretrievable. While the data is irretrievable, it does not physically destroy the hard drive itself.

2. Physical Destruction: This is the most secure method which is also ideal for financial institutions, larger quantities of hard drives, and other storage systems. At ProTek Recycling we destroy the hard drive with either magnetic degaussing or physical shredding. We use either of these two processes because degaussing will scramble the magnetic sectors on the disk as well as damaging internal components. Alternatively, we have the capability to shred the hard drive as a whole so that the information-containing disk is broken into small pieces. Once this happens, the pieces are then mixed with materials from hundreds of additional hard drives.
ProTek Recycling also provides you with a full report so that you know exactly where your data traveled to and who handled it during the final stage. Additionally, you will receive a certificate verifying the total destruction of your data and hard drives.
Our recycling facility services businesses in Boston, MA, Manhattan, NY, Albany, NY as well as Troy, NY. With this much coverage, ProTek Recycling is the clear choice for all of your electronic recycling needs. Contact us when you’re ready to get started on your recycling project!

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