Beware of Fake Recycling Companies

Electronic and computer recycling has grown in popularity over the past few years. Unfortunately, that also means the number of fake recycling companies has too. These irresponsible recyclers are merely exporters – companies that send obsolete electronics waste to third world countries for dumping. As a consumer, you want to ensure you are recycling your electronics the right way and not contributing to third world pollution.

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Why Fake Recyclers Exist

Fake recyclers are able to earn more profits by exporting electronics waste rather than responsibly recycling the waste they take on. Recyclers that collect televisions, one of the more costly items to properly recycle, get paid to export them to buyers in developing third world countries where the metals are removed and sold and the waste dumped in local landfills.

How to Identify Fake Recycling Companies

Before taking your electronics or laptop recycling items to a company, make sure you are dealing with a legitimate recycler. Some ways you can spot a fake recycler include:

  • EPA certification claims. There is no such thing as an EPA certification for electronics recyclers. Therefore, if a company claims they are EPA certified, they are most likely fake.
  • Claiming they are fully permitted. A legitimate company may have a permit, but they will not advertise they are fully permitted because they know there is nothing in that process that addresses how the electronics waste is handled.
  • Data destruction and security issues. Companies offering laptop and computer recycling should also offer software and physical data destruction. If they do not have a procedure in place for destroying information on the computers and peripherals they accept, move on to a company that does.
  • Not registered with the NYS DEC. Check online at to see if the company has a current registration with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. If you cannot find them listed, or if they cannot provide proof, they may not be registered.

ProTek Recycling practices safe, responsible recycling. We also offer data destruction services for our customers to ensure sensitive data is never breached even after an electronic device is disposed of.

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