Schedule an E-Waste Day for Efficient Computer Recycling

E-waste is not accepted in your regular household or business trash. Instead, you must make special arrangements for electronics to be recycled. Scheduling an E-waste day is a great way to unload your unwanted computers and electronics, and it benefits the environment.

What Happens When You Schedule an E-Waste Event?

An E-Waste Day is an event you want to ‘celebrate’ with the entire community. This one-day event can be hosted by a homeowner, business or organization and invites others in the area to dispose of electronic waste. At these events, a few things will happen:

  • A date is picked (usually in the spring or fall) on a Saturday from 9am to 2pm. This gives everyone the time they need to gather their items and drop them off. Signage is placed so that recyclers know where to go.
  • A site is picked, usually in a parking lot near town centers or well-traveled roads.
  • Staff and volunteers will unload computers for recycling and electronic waste into trucks.
  • Volunteers are encouraged and they can even be members of your organization or neighborhood.
  • At the end of the E-waste day, the electronics and computers are collected and properly recycled in accordance with all E-waste laws and regulations for the area. Personal information is protected and removed from any devices (such as computers or cellphones) before disposal.

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Years of Success

ProTek Recycling has hosted over 200 of these events now and we have successfully collected over 80,000 pounds of computers for recycling and electronic waste. By hosting these events, you are helping keep these items out of landfills and streams as well as reducing our impact on the environment. Anyone can host these events and our team is here to help ensure success.

From local businesses to sports teams to schools, ProTek Recycling has helped countless organizations and individuals host E-waste days.

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