Recycling E-Waste is Important and Beneficial

In 2015, the state of New York implemented a statewide ban that forbids residents, and businesses alike, from throwing away their electronics. You may ask, what exactly is the benefit of recycling my electronics?

E-waste has been a growing problem in the United States, and believe it or not, your electronics can actually be recycled and repurposed in ways you might not realize.
A few things might happen to your electronics after they’re recycled:

  • If a technician deems them to still be in working condition, they may be resold or refurbished.
  • Items that are unable to be reused are dismantled by hand in house and the different materials are separated. These materials are sent to other recyclers who will further process the materials.
  • After being shredded, the pieces are categorized into bins for plastic, metal, and computer chips and get them ready to be used in a new product. Many of these recyclers are local right here in New York or the northeast.
  • After processing materials are reused to produce more technology materials. Metal, especially, can be used in many different manufacturing facilities across the United States. In fact, some elements often used in electronics, such as rare earth metals, are much easier to extract from recycled electronics than they are from the earth itself.

If you’re a business in New York State with electronics to recycle, ProTek Recycling will make it easier for you, from pick-up and removal to secure data destruction. Request a quote from us today.

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