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If your company is about to upgrade its computer and electronic assets, you need an efficient and environment-friendly way to dispose of your old equipment. There are many reasons why you should let professionals who deal with recycled electronics take care of the task for you. The most important aspect of computer recycling in NYC is your organization’s security—ensuring that all your data is safely destroyed. There are far too many risks of data getting into the wrong hands when business electronics are recycled.

What to Look for When Choosing Your Computer Recycling Service in NYC?

  • When disposing of computers and other office electronics, you need to hire a company that can handle electronics recycling in bulk quantities. At ProTek Recycling, not only are we able to accept your bulk order, but we also do it for free when you have a minimum of 10 qualifying items. I.e. desktop computers, laptops, servers or network switches.
  • In case you only need to recycle a few electronics, you need to hire a company that will not charge extra for a smaller collection. ProTek Recycling offers prices that are very reasonable, no matter what the size of your pick-up.
  • What happens if you have electronics that are not working, or have loose components? Check that your recycling company will pick those up. ProTek will gladly collect and recycle these items too.
  • How do you know for sure that your data has been securely destroyed? You can purchase Certified Data Destruction (CDD) from ProTek. This service gives you full documentation of the data destruction process as well as the serialized inventory of the material we recycle. You also have the liberty to choose the method of destruction—software data destruction or physical destruction by magnetic degaussing or shredding. Even without purchasing this service, you can rest assured that we protect your data and destroy it in the safest, most secure manner.

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Dangers of NYC Computer Recycling

A homeowner may put out an old computer on the curb on garbage day after simply deleting all data. However, when it comes to computer recycling for NYC businesses, you need a professional service that you can trust. The last thing you want is for your obsolete computers to end up in a waste disposal yard with your data sitting unguarded for theft and inappropriate use. Don’t forget that you are also helping the environment by having your old electronics (and all components) safely recycled.

Organizations in NYC and across the state rely on ProTek Recycling to ensure their electronics are recycled without risk to company data or to the environment. Schedule your NYC computer recycling pick-up today. Call us at 978 621 4358 or contact us online.

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