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Protek’s new office at 880 Third Ave in New York City is now open! But don’t come to us, we’ll come to you! Protek Recycling is here to better serve our customers in the New York City area.

We offer several options for our business customers:

One-Time or Recurring Pickups:

For companies who don’t have enough room to store a bin, or may not have quite enough volume to regularly fill one, we can offer one-time or regular pickups. This service is perfect for companies or organizations who may be leasing office space. We will simply come to the door and collect the equipment to be recycled.

Free pickups are available for 10 pieces of computer equipment (desktops, laptops, servers) or more.

Electronic Waste Building Collections:

This specialized solution is one that we designed for building managers. It is the perfect solution for buildings that may not be able to place bins, but still would like to be able to recycle their electronics regularly. It’s simple – a date will be set for the tenants of a particular building to dispose of all types of electronic waste. Protek will come to the location with trucks or containers and collect the equipment for disposal from the participating tenants. We will visit every participating business to collect the equipment from their doorstep, making it hassle-free for both the tenants and building managers!

Interested in having us pick up your electronic waste for you? Contact us!

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