Is It Time to Upgrade Equipment? Have Your Outdated Electronics Recycled

Computers, unfortunately, are not designed to last forever. Even if you take immaculate care of your computer, it will eventually need to be replaced by an updated model. It is not a matter of the machine itself dying out, but the technology becomes obsolete. Users have no choice but to look out for the warning signs that it is time to upgrade and more importantly, know what to do with their outdated computers and laptops. Computer recycling is the most environment-friendly solution.

How to Tell If It Is Time to Replace Your Computer

Most computers and laptops will give signs that they are about to fail. By looking out for these, you may be able to avoid downtime or a devastating computer crash.

No matter what, do not throw your old computer or laptop in the trash. Instead, call ProTek at 978 621 4358 for a quote and ask about hosting an eWaste day.

  • Frequent, Recurring Software Problems – When your software programs continue to fail, it may cause your computer to freeze, slow or even crash. If more than one program is causing this, then there is something seriously wrong with your computer’s hard drive.
  • Laptop Battery After a full charge, your laptop’s battery no longer holds the charge. While this is not a reason to automatically replace it, if you have other issues with the laptop combined with battery failure, it may be best to replace the unit.
  • Difficulty Replacing Components For laptops, replacement parts are hard to find. Desktops can easily swap out broken or damaged components, but you may have to pay extra to upgrade other pieces so that everything works in harmony. If you have difficulty finding the replacements you need or they cost too much, it may be more cost-effective to just replace the entire unit.
  • Excessive Noise – If the hard drive is making a grinding or clicking noise, it is most likely malfunctioning, and this is usually due to normal wear and tear.
  • Disk Boot Failure – As you boot up your computer, if you receive error messages or the computer stops booting altogether, you may have a hard drive failure.
  • Poor Performance – An unstable, sluggish performance usually means your hard drive is too full or the computer is being slowed down. While sometimes this may be corrected, serious hardware failure cannot.

Computer Recycling is Key

Having your old electronics recycled not only limits waste, but helps save the environment. ProTek Recycling can take your outdated laptops and computers and recycle them safely in our facility. So, if you are upgrading to a new device, do not forget to recycle the old one.

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