How Many, and Which States Have E-Waste Laws?

US Map depicting the 25 states who adopted illegal disposal of electronics laws

As technology continues to blossom, so does our buildup of old and outdated electronic devices. Phones, computers, tablets, televisions, etc. Something has to be done with them, and we continue to move forward as more states pass E-Waste laws.

Right now there are 25 states that have adopted laws protecting the environment from the illegal disposal of electronics. According to the Electronics Take Back Coalition, most of these statewide e-waste regulations fall under Producer Responsibility. What that means is that the companies making the products in the first place are paying to have them properly recycle. They estimate that 65% of the United States population is now covered by statewide e-waste regulations.

So which states have passed these laws? California was first in 2003. Maine, Maryland and Washington State followed in 2004, 2005 and 2006. After that there was a big boom where we saw multiple states passing these laws. The most recent state to adopt policy was Utah in 2011. It’s estimated that while just 25 states have passed active laws, many others are working on getting new laws passed regarding electronic waste. Some states, such as New York, are continuing to strengthen their laws making it illegal to throw out electronics with normal trash and instituting a heavy fine for violations.

Visit for a complete breakdown of each of the 25 state e-waste laws and how they work.

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