Encouraging Employees to Recycle Electronics: A Smart Business Move

Electronics Recycling in the Workplace

With landfills containing dangerous chemicals from electronics disposal and more and more fines being handed out for failure to comply with federal recycling laws, businesses would be wise to encourage employees to recycle more.

One drawback to increasing the volume of recycled computers and electronics in the workplace is education and dedicated places to do so.

We’ve got some tips on how to make recycling easier and more effective at your business:

  1. Post recycling education and tips by commonly used areas: by copy machines, in break rooms, by the water cooler, etc.
  2. Make places dedicated solely to recycled electronics in the workplace. In other words, have large, clearly marked areas dedicated to the collection of old electronics. A box or a table would work perfectly.
  3. Assign 1-2 people whose job it is to contact ProTek Recycling for bulk electronics and computer recycling pick ups.
  4. Encourage other waste reduction and recycling for other items such as paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum. Make the habit of recycling in your office part of your company culture. Once it becomes an expectation it will become habit, leading to employees encouraging each other to recycle. All new hires should be trained from the start.

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