ProTek Recycling has been in the business of providing New York City companies in Lower and Midtown Manhattan with an electronics waste recycling service that is known for being affordable and dependable. We provide in-house shredding services that destroy your data, so you can have greater peace of mind. Most importantly, we offer your business premium NYC electronics recycling that follows the highest industry standards, because your privacy and safety is the core of our business values.

Why it’s important to work with us for your NYC Electronics Recycling needs

In 2015, the state of New York passed the New York Disposal Ban, making it illegal to dispose of certain types of electronic equipment in landfills, waste-to-energy facilities, in the trash bin or on the curbside for trash pickup. This means many businesses have had to find reliable NYC electronics recycling companies to dispose of their e-waste.

Getting rid of old hardware isn’t just a global issue, but it’s a problem for entrepreneurs and companies of every kind that need to get rid of laptops, desktops, servers, and more. That’s where we come in!

At ProTek, we know our clients deserve to enjoy the strictest digital data destruction standards. Therefore, we’ve obtained industry-leading certification and licensure, just for your peace of mind. ProTek is a NAID AAA member and a licensed NYS Document Destruction Contractor. In short, this means we’ve voluntarily obtained certifications and licensed our business to satisfy your service quality standards. That’s the ProTek difference.

What makes ProTek NYC Electronics Recycling different?

At ProTek Recycling, we come to you to pick up your unwanted electronics. We provide a data and info privacy guarantee, ensuring that your data is never accessed and that it is properly destroyed. Being a registered New York State Electronic Waste Recycling Facility, we recycle all electronics in accordance with New York State’s disposal ban.

Data Destruction done right

In this new digital age, privacy is a top concern for everyone, especially those looking into NYC electronics recycling and e-waste removal. We believe in protecting the data of our customers; that means that we will never view, copy, or access in any other way, the information stored on your electronics.

To be a NAID AAA member and a licensed NYS Document Destruction Contractor means our staff undergoes rigorous background checks and trainings to ensure we’re providing the most high-quality services to our clients. We also need to stress that every step of our process is secure using the strictest protocols, such as NYS Department of State supervising of employees and business activities, as well as shredding data down to the particle size to ensure documents can’t be reconstructed.

We also provide serialized data destruction services. Let ProTek Recycling destroy your hard drives, cell phones and other data stored devices at our facility. We will provide a serialized certificate of destruction, so you know your data has been destroyed and you have the documentation to prove it.

This certificate can be used to show state and federal regulatory compliance for HIPAA, FACTA, SOX, and GLB businesses. It can also be used in retail, electronics, and technology sectors, as well. So, if you work in the medical field, you know that you can trust us to use data destruction policies that specifically follow HIPAA data destruction rules. This way you and your patients can be rest-assured that any of your business’s personal data is destroyed, and you have the official documentation to prove it.

Types of businesses we work with

We have worked with over 2000 different companies, predominantly in New York City. Aside from working with businesses, we can also provide NYC electronics recycling to non-profits, educational organizations, and government bodies. We have extensive experience in the following fields:

  • Advertising
  • Banking/Financial Services
  • Broadcasting
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Entertainment
  • Film
  • Financial Services
  • Food
  • Government Municipalities
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Information Services
  • Internet/Telecom
  • Law firms
  • Manufacturing
  • Mass Media
  • Music
  • News Media
  • Non-profits
  • Professional Services

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