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The Benefits of Recycling Computers & Laptops

As technology continues to advance, the rate at which we purchase new computers also increases. As we buy new laptops and computers, throwing out the old ones may seem like the easiest and best option. However, there are many personal and environmental reasons for recycling electronics.

  • Conserve Natural Energy – Building new computers requires a lot of energy and stress to the environment. When you recycle through ProTek, we’ll ensure that your data is irretrievable through software destruction or physical destruction. These forms of destruction allow the materials to be reused in other electronics without compromising your data. This conserves natural resources rather than having to harvest new material.
  • Benefit Other Industries – You may no longer see value in your old computer or laptop, but others do! ProTek Recycling offers a variety of electronics for prop rental for film, television and commercials and your computer could be useful.
  • Fully Insured – ProTek Recycling offers serialized data destruction for each of our clients. We can guarantee the complete and total destruction of your data and will never view, copy, or access the data in any other capacity. While this happens for every electronic that we recycle, our serialized data destruction provides documentation of the process and inventory of the materials.

Simply throwing away outdated computers and laptops can lead to someone obtaining your data and is also bad for the environment. With ProTek Recycling you can have peace of mind that your data is gone while helping the environment and other industries. Ready to get started? Contact us today for a quote!

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Protek is strongly committed to protecting the data of our clients. We will never view, copy, or otherwise access any data on hard drives that we receive, and we will protect any and all data containing devices from third-party access. We also provide in-house services that will completely and irrevocably destroy your data. Please view our data destruction page for a full outline of what we can do.