Your City Can Offer Municipal Electronics Recycling Too

Most municipalities offer some form of recycling; whether it is paper and plastic, general recycling, metal recycling, etc. However, few have the capacity to offer electronic and computer recycling as part of their overall recycling program. E-waste is one of the fastest growing segments of the solid waste stream, which is why it is imperative that more cities start engaging in municipal electronics recycling.

Your local community program could benefit from computer recycling too. Recycle today by calling to schedule a bulk pick-up from ProTek at 978-621-4358.

The E-Waste Problem and the Benefits of Municipal Electronics Recycling

Electronic and computer waste is not only becoming a growing issue, but these items often contain recoverable metals, including plastics and base material. To conserve natural resources and protect the environment, municipalities and other government agencies can recycle these products so that the resources inside of them are refurbished and reused.

There are many reasons a municipality and government agency should recycle:

  • Conserving Natural Resources – By sending electronics to a recycler, reusable [CF1] materials can be recovered from outdated or broken electronics and then refurbished for new electronics. By conserving natural resources, your municipality contributes to saving energy, minimizing pollution and reducing greenhouse gases.
  • Less Landfill Space – Cities and counties are doing what they can to reduce the amount of landfill space they need. By using municipal computer recycling, local governments will reduce waste going into the local landfills and conserve land.
  • Creates Jobs – By having a team assigned to oversee and manage the electronics recycling, you create jobs within your municipality. Also, recycling electronics waste provides jobs with professional recyclers and refurbishing companies, adding new jobs to the local market.
  • Protecting Surroundings – When electronics waste is thrown into landfills, it can contaminate the ground with toxic chemicals. Recycling these electronics ensures that chemicals such as mercury and lead are not leaking and contaminating the soil.

ProTek Will Help Your Municipal Recycling Efforts

School districts, apartment complexes, local municipalities and residents can benefit from electronics recycling. ProTek Recycling can help by partnering with local government offices and municipalities to offer affordable, convenient electronics recycling. Our company also offers data destruction services for residential and government office computers to ensure sensitive data is never compromised when recycled.

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