Yes, Even Computer Monitors Can Be Recycled

computer monitor stuck in a sand dune

When people think of computer recycling, they tend to focus on the computer itself. Many tend to forget the hazardous materials that exist within computer monitors as well. Monitor recycling is super important because of the toxic innards that can help ruin the environment, air, and take up unnecessary space in our nation’s landfills.

The monitor tube alone, if allowed to end up in the landfills, contains more toxins and hazardous material than the rest of the monitor or computer combined.

Good computer recycling companies make it a point to have highly trained people working in their facilities, like us here at Protek. A first step is the removal of the plastic casing. This piece is placed with other plastics to be recycled. Next, the recycling technician removes any circuit boards and cables. And again, these materials are grouped for recycling. So far things are pretty straightforward. It’s when the recycling company gets to the monitor tube more caution is required.

During the computer monitor recycling process, the tube is a vital element. These leaded glass tubes contain potentially toxic materials that need special attention. For total and proper recycling to take place, the tube has to be taken apart and the toxins have to be released in a controlled environment.

Most computer recycling plants are equipped to break down computer monitors and recycling is used to separate the different types and tubes of glass of the monitor. If you’re considering a pick-up of your computer equipment for recycling, don’t forget about the monitors too. Sure, they can be reused, but at some point you’ll find they become obsolete and recycling them is not only good for the environment, but it’s good practice over all, especially in regions such as New York, where electronics recycling is the law.

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