Why Electronic Shredding Is the Best Way to Destroy Data

electronic shredding

There are several ways to dispose of old electronics, but the best and most effective way is to work a registered electronic waste company certified in data destruction.

When moving on from a device that’s full of your sensitive data, such as a computer or cell phone, data security is a major concern. If your device is not disposed of properly, can you risk the chance that its information could be accessed later by a stranger?

There are steps you can take to remove your data from a device before disposing of it however, if you want to know beyond doubt that your data was completely erased from existence, working with a registered data destruction expert might be an option to look into.

Today, we are going to highlight some of the key benefits of using an electronic recycling and data destruction services. From removing toxic materials from landfills to better defending your privacy, there are many reasons to consider this disposal option.

Benefits of Shredding Electronics

Shredding involves mechanically reducing the parts of a device that holds all your sensitive data into very small parts that cannot be put back together. Shredding is a secure and convenient method of data destruction. Especially when you work with the professionals at ProTek Recycling.

Shredding is used for all sorts of electronic devices that contain sensitive data, such as computer hard drives, laptop hard drives, portable hard drives, tape drives, usb sticks, CDs, DVDs, and cell phones. Here are the advantages of working with a certified data destruction company.

Remove Toxic Materials from Landfills

Shredding breaks apart the device into smaller pieces. While it does not separate the different materials within an electronic device. The shredded material can still be recycled to properly disposed of the toxic materials. Devices such as laptops and phones are full of toxic materials, including:


  •       Heavy metals, such as lead
  •       Brominated flame retardants
  •       Mercury
  •       Arsenic

So it’s important to make sure these items are properly recycled with a NYS registered recycling facility like ProTek Recycling.

In New York State and many other states, cities and counties it is against the law to dispose of certain types of electronic equipment in landfills, waste-to-energy facilities, in the trash, or at curbside for trash pickup.

Handing over electronics to a registered New York State electronic waste recycling facility eliminates the potential for devices to release toxic chemicals, such as heavy metals and artificial chemicals into the environment which can seep into soil and contaminate groundwater. At ProTek Recycling, we are operating with a zero-landfill policy and comply with the NYS Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act so rest assured your e-Waste is recycled properly and left out of the landfills.

Reduce Mining Demand

The mining of virgin resources, such as precious metals, is essential for constructing the electronic devices that society relies on. Unfortunately, mining is intensely damaging to the environment. Mining operations often leave behind completely devastated landscapes.

Since mined materials are finite resources, effective recycling is urgently needed.

Fortunately, shredded electronics can be recycled for their raw materials. Once the shredded material is sorted and processed, the materials can be reused by manufacturers in new products.


When you work with a professional electronics recycling company, you can arrange for drop-off or pick-up of the electronics that you’d like to have recycled. To save time and costs, you can hand over numerous devices for disposal during the same visit.

When you use ProTek Recycling’s electronics recycling and data destruction services, we take responsibility for properly destroying data and facilitating the recycling process. For you, safe and environmentally-friendly recycling is as simple as scheduling a pick-up appointment.

Protect Your Data

Shredded electronic hard drives are completely destroyed using a commercial shredder and mixed with thousands of other shredded material. It’s impossible to reassemble any component of a shredded hard drive. Thus, the remains of the shredded component are useless to identity thieves.

Additionally, ProTek provides you with a certificate of destruction when the hard drive shredding service is complete to confirm that your hard drives were rendered fully obliterated and permanently inaccessible.

Electronic Shredding in NY, NJ, CT, and Boston

ProTek Recycling provides sustainable and cost-effective electronics recycling services to clients in New York (NYC and the Capital Region), New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts (Boston metropolitan area).

When handing over electronic devices, it’s important to have total trust in your recycling service.

ProTek Recycling clients have peace of mind knowing that our team is:

  •       National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) AAA Certified
  •       Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Compliant
  •       Licensed as a New York State Document Destruction Contractor
  •       NYS Registered Electronics Recycling Facility
  •       Voluntarily and rigorously audited

Along with the peace of mind provided by secure data destruction, you’ll know that your old electronics are processed in accordance with the highest-possible sustainability standards. Our zero-landfill policy ensures the salvage and reuse of your device’s precious, non-renewable components.

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