Why Can’t Electronics be Put in the Trash?

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You’ve heard that it is important to make sure your old electronics are recycled correctly as opposed to being thrown in the trash. There are even laws regarding electronics recycling in 35 states! But what happens when you put your TV out by the curb to be picked up by your sanitation service? What are the real consequences of neglecting to recycle your electronics? Read on to find out!

Health and Environmental Effects

Electronics contain many harmful substances, such as:

  • Arsenic
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Cadmium
  • Beryllium
  • And more

These substances do not necessarily cause harm when the electronics are being used. However, when the electronics are burned, as most trash is in landfills, toxic carcinogens are released into the air. These toxins can cause reproductive ailments, cancers, and many other health problems, as well as environmental issues.

Your Security

Another downside of disposing of electronics in the trash is that you can never be sure if your personal data and information that is stored on the hard drives is safe. Even if you have wiped them clean of files before disposing, you never know what kind of people could get their hands on it and retrieve your data. Additionally, some don’t realize that items like printers and fax machines also contain hard drives with sensitive information. All in all, leaving these items to be sent out with your garbage can be incredibly risky for your security.

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