Where Do Movies and Television Get Their Electronic Props?

Have you ever been watching a movie that’s set in the past and wondered where they get all of their vintage electronic devices? They obviously can’t just go to the local electronics store and pick up one of these classic machines. So someone must have a collection of sorts. There are services that provide studios with these materials, and ProTek is one of those companies.

The electronic prop services division of ProTek Recycling has a variety of vintage equipment for you to choose from. Whether you’re setting up a government office, a classroom or just a piece for the home we have something for you.

Our website has a few of our popular pieces listed. That includes the Tektronix 585A from the 1960s. From the 1970s we have the Healthkit H8 and the Hewlett Packard 85A, and we go into the 1980s with IBM 5150, a piece we’re sure you’ve seen many times over the years. Our selection isn’t limited to just those particular units.

We have thousands of vintage electronics available to you. Best yet, if we don’t have it for you we have a network of sources where we can find exactly what it is that you’re looking for.

It goes just beyond getting you the equipment. We’re also experienced in making sure your setup is as authentic as possible. You’re not going to want anything to seem like it doesn’t belong, or is out of place. Our team is experienced in setting up traditional offices as well as research facilities for a scientific setting.

Say you have all your equipment, but you’re not exactly familiar with the history of the product or how exactly it works. It’s important to have someone, or a team, around to make sure you know what you’re talking about. For example, “The Big Bang Theory” has a team of consultants that works with them to make sure that all of the science that they talk about on the show is accurate. The team at ProTek is well versed in how this equipment works. Not only that, but we’re also knowledgeable when it comes to scientific practices throughout the years.

So if you’re looking for some vintage equipment for a film project, make sure to contact ProTek and take a look at all the equipment we have to offer.

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