What Does ProTek Accept for Recycling?

electronic items to recycle

To make recycling electronics even easier, ProTek Recycling accepts an array of electronic items that are at their end of life or end of use for recycling. Check out the full list below!

Office Supplies

  • Laptops
  • Printers (Inkjet and Laser)
  • Desktop PCs/Computers
  • Scanners
  • Servers
  • Server Racks
  • Photocopiers
  • Network Switches
  • Routers

Home Appliances

  • Air Conditioners
  • Microwaves
  • Toasters
  • Dehumidifiers


  • Audio Equipment
  • Projectors
  • Radios
  • Cable/Satellite Boxes
  • LCD Monitors
  • Televisions
  • VCRs
  • DVD Players
  • Speaker Systems


  • Lead-Acid
  • Nickel-Metal Hydride
  • Nickel-Cadmium
  • Lithium Ion
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Battery Backup Systems
  • Uninterruptable Power Supplies


  • Cables/Wires
  • Electronic Instrumentation
  • Power Supplies
  • Cell Phones
  • Phone Systems
  • Telecom Equipment
  • PBXs
  • Other Miscellaneous Electronic Components

If you have any of these items lying around, recycle them today! Contact ProTek Recycling to schedule your pick-up or drop-off.

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