What Can Be Made Out of Recycled Electronics

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Recycled electronics can serve many purposes in their new life, from more traditional items to becoming innovative new works of art. Recycling your unwanted electronics helps keep them out of landfills, which leads to the preservation of our environment and planet. Here are just a few items your electronics may become after you recycle with ProTek Recycling.

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Circuit boards, metals, and more can be made into interesting pieces of jewelry. The eco-friendly fashion is not only beautiful, but also provides an added incentive to the eco-conscious consumer. Electronics such as circuit boards are stripped down to the fiber core and the copper platted veneer, this process eliminates contaminates which then makes it suitable to become a stunning piece of jewelry.


Major electronic stores have now turned to a more green way of advertising, by using recycled electronics to create billboards. As with any form of recycling, there are numerous materials which can be recycled from old electronics. The use of these materials means fewer raw materials are mined for new products. Many billboards are using posters made from recycled polyethylene substrate which is often found in the flexible mounts used in electronics.


Many artists have taken up creating artwork out of recycled objects, including electronics. Anything you recycle can likely be used for this purpose! The obsolete electronics are wiped clean of all information, including sensitive material, and then deconstructed. As this happens, much like the jewelry pieces, ProTek Recycling’s process eliminates harmful contaminates making it safe to be reused.

The best part for you, we do all of the hard work so you don’t have to. Are you ready to give your electronics a new life? Get started with ProTek Recycling!

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