Time to Upgrade Your Outdated Electronics? Organize Electronics Recycling in NYC

Computer monitors, printers, and other peripherals see a lot of wear and tear and need replacement. Sometimes your equipment may burn out when you least expect it. To avoid the hassles of a last-minute replacement or worse, critical downtime, you can look out for the early warning signs your electronics are giving you; telling you it is time to replace them. Once you have replaced them, trust an established company for electronics recycling in NYC.

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How to Tell If It Is Time to Replace Your Computer Peripherals

Determining whether or not it is time to replace a computer screen or printer is not always easy, but there are indicators that these electronics will give you to let you know they are on their last leg. Some of those signs include:

  • Quality Reduction in Printer – While minor quality reduction does not necessarily mean your printer is dying, a drastic change in print quality could indicate there is something wrong with your inkjet.
  • Fuser Unit Dies in Printer – If a fuser unit dies, you will see an error on your laser printer that states “reseat fuser”. Once this happens, it is more expensive to replace the part than just get a new printer.
  • You Need to Upgrade Printer Technology – Sometimes there is nothing wrong with your printer, but you want to upgrade printer technology. Perhaps you need to print better photographs or you just want wireless equipment.
  • Monitor Takes Too Long To Turn On – When you turn on your LCD monitor, the internal backlight must switch on first. It should only take a few seconds to reach full brightness and if it takes longer than that, the light may be on its way out.
  • Fuzzy Text and Images – A computer monitor should have clear and crisp images and text. If everything is fuzzy or you find yourself squinting to read it, you may have an aging monitor. Before you replace it, make sure it is not your computer’s graphics card, which can also cause fuzzy images.
  • Flickering Monitor Display – If the display continues to flicker, it may be a sign your monitor is at the end of its life. First check the cables between the monitor and the computer. If they are wired correctly and the flickering continues, then you may need a new monitor.

Take Advantage of Electronics Recycling in NYC

If it is time for a new computer monitor, printer or other peripheral, take advantage of computer and laptop recycling. ProTek Recycling offers bulk and non-bulk pickups for computer products. We safely recycle your outdated electronics so that upgrading does not impact our environment.

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