The Financial District: There is a Reason it is the Best Place to Live!

At ProTek Recycling, we travel all over NYC for computer and laptop recycling. One place we stop several times per week is the Financial District. Named as one of NYC’s new best places to live, there is so much to love and explore in the Financial District right in the heart of Lower Manhattan. From the sights to the smells, it is also one of our favorite places to go for electronics recycling in NYC.

Why the Financial District?

Also referred to as Wall Street, the Financial District has so much to see, even for New Yorkers. Just a few highlights of the area include:

  • Wi-Fi Everywhere – The Financial District is home to some of the most powerful, and busiest New Yorkers in the state. So, it is no wonder that just about every restaurant, coffee bar and even bookstore has free Internet. There are also 15 Wi-Fi zones in the neighborhood to help attract the high-tech crowd.
  • Outdoor Artwork – In Manhattan, you do not have to go to an art gallery or museum to pick up a little culture. Instead, you just have to take a walk down the street. Manhattan has some of the most amazing pieces of art and sculptures displayed in front of eateries, on the street, in the park, and just about everywhere, you go.
  • Architecture – If there is one thing New York will never be short of (aside from people) it is architecture. There are different structures from varying eras, all with a unique history. For example, the Trinity Church, which is located at the end of Wall Street. This structure features a Gothic Revival architecture and breathtaking features.
  • U.S. History – You can get a lesson in United States history just about anywhere in the Financial District. From walking past the site of 9/11 to the Federal Hall National Monument or even looking at the towering New York Stock Exchange building.

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The Financial District is Serious about Computer and Laptop Recycling

One thing we truly love about the area is the dedication businesses in Lower Manhattan have to computer and laptop recycling. They contact us to handle their E-waste and they work hard to ensure their organizations look out for the environment.

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