The Dangers of E-Waste

The growth of offices and businesses combined with the advancements in technology means consumers are updating their equipment more frequently. As you determine that your electronics have reached the end of their life or usefulness, it is your responsibility to ensure they are properly disposed of thus reducing the potential dangers of e-waste.


There are many pieces of technology and equipment that are considered e-waste. From desktop computers, printers, copiers, to cell phones and laptops contain several toxic substances that can be harmful if they are not disposed of properly. Some of these substances are flame retardants which can contaminate the ground, water, and air if you were to improperly dispose of the equipment. When the levels of toxins are taken into consideration with the velocity of businesses replacing their equipment, it is detrimental to work with the professionals of ProTek Recycling to ensure the equipment is handled properly.

Advantages of Recycling with ProTek Recycling

ProTek Recycling is a New York State registered electronic waste collection and recycling firm (DEC # 00838). Our professionals strongly believe that recycling your unwanted equipment should not be limited due to costs; which is why we strive to maintain minimal costs for our services. We have designed our electronic recycling services with our customers in mind. Our processes and services are streamlined and efficient and allow you to focus on your business while we handle the rest. Our experience spans numerous industries and businesses from New York City, the Capital Region, Boston and surrounding areas!

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