The Benefits of Recycling E-Waste

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Electronic waste is a rapidly growing problem in the United States. Much of what is thrown away contains valuable and recoverable materials, including aluminum, copper, gold, silver, and plastic.

The many benefits of electronic recycling include:

  • Conserving natural resources: As with any type of recycling, there are many materials that can be recovered from old electronics. Reusing these materials means that less raw materials will need to be mined for new products.
  • Supporting the Community: Donating old electronics such as computers and cell phones plays an important role in the refurbishing of these products. Refurbished electronics can be of great help to low-income families, not-for-profit organizations, and even schools who may not otherwise be able to afford said electronics.
  • Protecting Public Health and the Environment: Toxic or hazardous materials, such as mercury and lead, are found in many electronics. If electronics are improperly disposed of, these hazardous materials can be harmful to the environment, and anyone who is exposed to them. Recycling these electronics ensures that they are properly handled, thus greatly reducing the chances of exposure to these hazardous materials.

With all of its great benefits, there’s simply no reason not to recycle your electronics! ProTek Recycling is here to help you reduce e-waste in your community.

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