The Benefits of Recycling Computers and Laptops

Technology as we know it is constantly evolving and changing, which also means that our electronics and equipment can quickly become obsolete. Rather than struggling to make an outdated piece of equipment work the way your business needs it to, it will get replaced by something better suited for your needs. This is especially true when it comes to computers; there are many benefits to recycling your computers and laptops.

Benefits of Recycling Computers and Laptops with ProTek Recycling

• Conserve natural energy: Our complete data destruction guarantees that all data is irretrievable either through software destruction or physical destruction. These forms of destruction then allow the materials to be recycled and reused in another electronic without compromising your data. When this happens, natural resources are conserved, rather than having to harvest additional materials.

• Benefit other industries: While your older model computers and laptops may not be suitable for your business, they can still help others. One such way is through electronic prop rental for film, television, and commercials. ProTek Recycling offers a variety of electronics and can offer consulting on computer history to help ensure accuracy and best practices.

• Fully insured: ProTek Recycling offers certified data destruction (CDD) for each of our clients. We are able to guarantee the complete and total destruction of your data and will never view, copy, or access the data in any other capacity. While this happens for every electronic we recycle, our CDD provides documentation of the process, inventory of the materials, and your choice of destruction method.
Consumers and companies trust ProTek Recycling to collect and properly dispose of their electronic devices because we are a qualified waste collection firm. If you’re ready for our experienced team to destroy your electronic data, contact us today to get started!

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