Start the New Year Fresh: Now is the PERFECT Time to Recycle Electronics!

old electronics in recycling bin

It’s the end of the year, and it’s time to start taking care of things around your place of business to get ready for the New Year. One great way to prepare is to clear out any old or simply unused electronics!

Know that old computer tower that has been sitting in a back room for months? What about that pile of old monitors? Getting rid of those items would clear up some space and allow you to start 2016 with less clutter.

ProTek Recycling can help! We will pick up your recyclables (or you can drop them off), and make sure that they are recycled correctly, and that your sensitive data is secure and protected.

Check out our list of items we accept and start setting aside some disposables. Once you know what you have to recycle, you can request a quote up on our website.

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