Skip the Trade-In Program and Recycle Your Electronics with ProTek Recycling

Under New York State law, businesses and homeowners alike are banned from disposing of their unwanted electronics in the garbage. With that no longer being an option, it is imperative to know what options are practical for you and your business.

Many electronic supply companies or manufacturers offer a trade-in program, which in theory sounds beneficial. However, it ultimately turns into more work for business owners or their employees. Many of these programs require you to bring, or ship, the item to the facility and complete documentation so that they can ultimately decide if they will accept your unwanted computer, television, printer or other unwanted electronic. Rather than go through that process, contact ProTek Recycling and we will take away your unwanted, outdated electronics.

ProTek Recycling offers computer, electronic and eWaste recycling for New York City businesses and many of the surrounding areas. Our experienced professionals understand the issue many entrepreneurs face when it comes to getting rid of electronics. Rather than going through a time consuming process and hauling items from one place to another, ProTek Recycling will come to your office and take away the unwanted items.

While there are other firms who recycle electronics, they falter in comparison to our services and guarantees. ProTek Recycling and its professionals will never view your data, copy, or access it in any other way. We ensure total destruction of data and that your electronics are recycled in accordance to New York State’s disposal ban.

Items We Accept:

  • Audio Equipment
  • LCD Monitors
  • Wires/Cables
  • Photocopiers/Scanners
  • Desktop PCs and Computers
  • Laptops
  • Power Suppliers
  • And Many More!

ProTek Recycling is committed to protecting the data of our clients and provides in-house services that will completely and irretrievably destroy your data. Contact us today to schedule a pickup of your unwanted electronics or to have more pertinent questions answered!

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