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ProTek Recycling offers your remote workers the easiest, safest, and satisfying solution for recycling their old computers, printers, laptops, phones, and more!

As more and more businesses have decided to go remote this brought to the surface a need for a safe and secure way to dispose of outdated and unwanted business equipment from many different locations. When employees have the ability to work from anywhere you need to be aware of all local and state laws when it come to electronic recycling. In 2015 the NYS Disposal Ban went into effect and consumers are no longer allowed to dispose of certain types of electronic equipment in landfills.

While remote work cuts down on the cost of office space and other in-person necessities, it does open the possibility of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. With many industries working remote, including government, healthcare and financial verticals it is more important than ever before to protect that data. ProTek Recycling offers 100% guaranteed data destruction  services for all your data containing devices.

ProTek Recycling saw and understood the need for a remote work electronic recycling solution and launched the ProTek eBox in early 2020. ProTek Recycling wanted to make disposing of unwanted and outdated electronics easy, convenient, and safe. Avoid the hassle of coordinating meet ups or costly postage. Learn more about this remote electronic recycling solution!

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We look forward to working with your company to find a solution that works for all your remote employees. Contact ProTek Recycling today for your custom quote.


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