Recycling vs Landfills: Which is the Better Option?

With technology progressing and changes being made, electronics can quickly become obsolete. Rather than the electronic taking up space in the home or business it will need to be disposed of. Which route is the correct route to take? Send it off to be recycled, and potentially turned into other items, or bring it to a landfill?

When items are sent to a landfill it restricts the ability to breakdown materials and repurpose them for another item. This then requires new materials to be mined, harvested, or refined just to replace the materials that were discarded. Mining or harvesting new materials also means more energy as well as an increased amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Many of the items in landfills contributing to greenhouse gas emissions are incinerated. Landfills contribute to gasses consisting of methane and carbon dioxide which are harmful to the environment and humans alike.

Additionally, putting Covered Electronic Equipment in a landfill is illegal as per the New York State Electronic Equipment and Recycling Act.
ProTek Recycling will do all of the hard work and heavy lifting for you. Our experts will come to your facility, office, or commercial building and take away unwanted electronics. Items from servers and server racks to radios, cable/satellite boxes, phone systems, projectors and everything in between! The only thing you have to do is contact us and let us know what you need taken away! Allow our professionals to recycle your unwanted electronics that are taking up space in your workplace.

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