Recycling Laptops and Used Electronics Saves Energy

Old laptops and used electronics, often referred to as E-waste, is a growing concern on a global scale. This unnecessary waste does not just pollute the environment, it wastes energy. Because electronics are labeled as “Covered Electronic Equipment”, they cannot be disposed of in the regular trash per the NYS Electronic Recycling Act.

Just like recycling cans and plastic bottles, recycling your E-waste could save energy and the environment.

How Much Waste is Caused by Used Electronics?

Most people do not realize how much energy is wasted by E-waste. Just some of the waste associated with used electronics include:

  • To replace outdated electronics, fossil fuels, chemicals, water and electricity is used to create a new computer and laptop.
  • Most used electronics that sit in landfills or are replaced are not actual waste – and many have functional components that can be reused for other purposes or refurbished into like new products for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

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The Hierarchy of Electronics and Computer Recycling

Recycling laptops and used electronics is much more complex than people realize. There is a procedure that ensures energy is not wasted, which includes:

  1. Reusing the entire unit – such as donating the equipment that can be used to those who will use it.
  2. Repairing or refurbishing the laptops and outdated electronics or using components from the product to refurbish others.
  3. Recycling materials that cannot be repaired.
  4. Disposing of the hazardous and non-hazardous materials as permitted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Companies throughout NYC rely on ProTek Recycling to help reduce E-waste and save energy. Recycling laptops and other outdated equipment in your office is simple. Request a quote today by calling 978 621 4358 or get a quote for bulk and non-bulk pickups by contacting us online.

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