Recycle Your Electronics According to the New York State Disposal Ban

It is important to work with an established, qualified company any time you are recycling computers and electronics. A reputable provider not only will ensure data is properly destroyed, but that the items you recycle are truly recycled, and not dumped in landfills or sent to third world countries. ProTek Recycling has the knowledge and experience to properly destruct and recycle your electronics. We are also committed to protecting the data of our clients and guarantee we will never view, copy, or otherwise access any data stored on the electronics we receive.

What Qualifies a Site for Electronic Waste Recycling?

When you are ready to get rid of old computers and outdated electronics, you should turn to electronic waste recycling facility. While there are dozens of companies out there that offer E-waste services, the State of New York has strict requirements for which companies qualify as electronic waste recycling facility.
Requirements to Qualify for Electronic Waste Recycling

A company or site must go through several steps to qualify as an electronic waste recycling facility. A few requirements include:

1. Completing the registration process. This is a one-time registration done through the State of New York.

2. Submitting annual reports. For compliance purposes, the site must submit annual reports that detail their site activities.

3. Proof of proper waste storage. Waste sites must use a fully enclosed building or secured container to store all E-waste until it is properly disposed of or recycled.

4. One-year rule. A site can only keep electronic waste on-site for one year from the date it was collected. Then they must demonstrate how they recycle or dispose of that waste in accordance with state and EPA regulations.

5. Comply with the disposal ban. Electronic waste collection sites cannot dispose of electronic waste at a hazardous waste management facility or any solid waste facility. Instead, they must follow federal and state rules for disposing and/or recycling materials.

Companies and consumers trust ProTek Recycling to collect and dispose of their E-waste because we are a qualified waste collection firm. Are you ready to get started? Contact ProTek Recycling for your free quote! We look forward to working with you.


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