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Are you thinking about upgrading your office equipment by the end of the year? It’s a known fact that most businesses buy new computers and laptops during the holidays for several reasons. Firstly, big brands like Dell, Acer, Lenovo and Apple offer big discounts for the holiday shopper. They often add additional incentives like upgrades with the purchase of one of their products. Secondly, many businesses purchase new computers before preparing a budget for the upcoming year.

With the computer upgrades, what should you do with your old computers? Well, at ProTek Recycling, we can help with that! We even have available options for remote workers. Make sure you ask us about our ProTek eBox when you schedule your pickup.

Let’s find out.

Throwing old equipment in storage is just going to take up unnecessary space. How about throwing it away? Still not a good idea. Disposal of electronic waste in landfills is actually illegal in the state of New York. Computers and laptops contain certain components like arsenic, lead and cadmium that are toxic to the environment.

There is also the risk of having important electronic data fall into the wrong hands, and for government and healthcare facilities, this goes against data security best practices and HIPAA rules.

So what do you do with these old electronic devices?

One word…Recycle. Computer and laptop recycling is the best way to get rid of your old devices once you get a new one.

For starters, recycling with ProTek Recycling follows proper procedure to ensure that all data on the device is irretrievable. When you choose ProTek Recycling, ask us about our serialized data destruction services to destroy your data. You can breathe easy knowing ProTek Recycling is here to help protect your sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

An important aspect of working with ProTek Recycling is data destruction. Data security is often a key aspect of an organization regardless of their niche. Keeping data on clients and the company safe ensures that personal information is not misused and that the company’s intellectual property remains intact. At ProTek Recycling, hard drives and other sensitive parts of the device are shredded to ensure destruction.

From properly recycling your old computers and laptops to destroying sensitive data without ever breaching it and even sending you proof of their work, be assured that your data destruction needs are taken care of.

Contact us to get a quote on Electronic recycling and data destruction from ProTek Recycling after you upgrade your office equipment just in time for the holidays!

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