Prevent Identity Theft with Complete Data Destruction

The unfortunate and scary truth is that identity theft is a common occurrence, even more so when data and electronics do not go through the proper destruction and recycling procedures. Simply removing sensitive data from an electronic is not enough to protect your privacy from potential data thieves. At ProTek Recycling we offer software and physical data destruction options to securely protect your information and identity.

As a business owner, there is more at risk on your electronics then only your sensitive data. Take into consideration the information of your employees, clients, as well as the business itself. Computers, tablets, and hard drives alike store proprietary information for businesses and when put into the wrong hands, can be detrimental. Taking improper measures to recycle unwanted equipment such as computers and servers can make you liable for a breach of data.

Guaranteed Data Destruction

ProTek Recycling is a New York State registered electronic waste and recycling company with years of experience handling the needs of companies from various industries including: architecture, financial services, hospitality, retail companies, and many more. Our data destruction is 100% guaranteed and we want all of our clients to know what happens with their data-containing devices and what we have done in order to eliminate the risk of identity theft or compromised data.

Preventing Potential Identity Theft

We offer two levels of secure data destruction for our clients:

Software Destruction: the data on the hard drive is overwritten a minimum of three times with a series of random number sequences. This process renders all data irretrievable. However, it does not destroy the hard drive itself.

Physical Destruction: This option is the most secure method and ideal for larger quantities of hard drives as well as storage media. Hard drives are destroyed by either magnetic degaussing or physical shredding. Magnetic degaussing scrambles the magnetic sectors on the disk while also damaging internal components such the read/write heads. When a hard drive is shredded, the disks containing information are broken into small pieces and then mixed with materials from multiple hard drives.

ProTek Recycling will never copy, view, or otherwise access any data on the hard drives we receive. During the recycling process, our clients also receive a report that states where the data has traveled and who has handled it along the way until the final step of destruction. Upon completion, clients are given a certificate of destruction which verifies the absolute deletion and destruction of data from the device(s).

When it’s time to upgrade the equipment in your company, we urge you to  contact our professionals so that we may properly dispose of your data – including sensitive information.

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