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Electronics to Recycle

ProTek Recycling has taken the hassle out of recycling electronics. We make it simple to dispose of your old computers, cell phones, televisions, and much more, in a manner that is safe for the environment. Additionally, we’re your go-to when you need to rent an electronic prop. Take a look at the services we offer!

Recycling of Electronics

Did your office just upgrade all of its electronics, and now there are a ton of computers lying around that are no longer being used? Need to get rid of that old television that’s been sitting in your basement since 1998? We’ve got you covered! Simply take a look at the list of items we accept and schedule your pick-up or drop-off date. We’ll make sure all of your items are disposed of correctly and that all of your data is protected.

Data Security &Distruction

At ProTek, we understand that some of these electronics are sometimes coming in with your important, personal information still on them. We take careful measures to ensure that your data is destroyed and unable to be read, copied, or used in any way. We will also provide documentation of this, as each step happens, if you prefer. We also provide our Data Destruction as a separate service, should you have electronics that you want the data erased from.

Electronic Prop Rentals

Another great service that we offer is our Electronic Prop Rental service. We have a huge selection of electronics from different time periods and manufacturers. Additionally, we have the ability to set up entire office sets, complete with monitors, desktops, keyboards, computer mice, and even realistic looking science lab setups, complete with experimental setups! We can custom design these based on your needs. Need an electronic prop for a film or televison project? Give us a call!

ProTek Recycling is here to help with your electronic recycling and prop rental needs.
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