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Being nervous about what happens to sensitive data left behind on your old electronics is completely understandable. Rest assured, ProTek Recycling takes the necessary measures to ensure data is not compromised from any electronic. Our secure data destruction comes at two levels.

  • Physical Destruction: This level of destruction is the most secure method, ideal for larger quantities of hard drives or storage media. With this method, the hard drive itself is destroyed either by magnetic degaussing, which scrambles the magnetic sectors on the disk, or physical shredding, which breaks the information-containing disk into tiny pieces to be mixed in with the shredded material from hundreds of other drives.
  • Software Destruction: With this level of destruction, we render all data irretrievable by overwriting every single piece on the hard drive with random number sequences, at least three times. Although the data on the drive will be irretrievable, this will not destroy the hard drive itself.

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