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Mainframes and computers

Mainframes and computers often house sensitive content and documents, making the destruction and recycling of your materials essential.
As technology progresses there comes a time where it is necessary to update your equipment. This includes recycling your mainframe. Outdated equipment frequently leads to cost inefficiencies, eventually going unused. When it comes time to recycle an old mainframe, rest assured, ProTek Recycling is the team of professionals with the experience you are looking for to safely, and securely, destruct your mainframe.

We have the capability to destruct and recycle mainframes of all sizes and for all business types. Our destruction program ensures all of your confidential data is removed completely, followed by a thorough dismantle and destruction of the mainframe. The team of professionals at ProTek Recycling also has the capability to pick up and remove the mainframe from your facility.

ProTek Recycling has worked with numerous companies; giving us extensive experience with comprehensive destruction and recycling. We come to your office, and are fully insured to work in any building, and we’ll remove your unwanted technology! We have a zero landfill policy and never ship electronics overseas. For more information, and to request a free quote, contact ProTek Recycling today!

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