How to Properly Dispose of IT Server Equipment?

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Technology is constantly advancing. In that same vein, old technological devices are always being phased out and replaced by better ones. Using equipment that has reached the end of its working life will simply do more harm than good.

Why should you dispose of your old IT servers?

For starters, the average server will last about 3 to 5 years depending on how they’re used. Beyond their optimum age, it’s hard for them to support updated IT systems, eventually leaving them open to lags, increased downtime, and possible data loss.

It’s best to dispose of these servers or recycle them. However, this comes with several considerations that must be made to avoid unwanted implications.

What should you do with your old server?

Using software destruction methods for servers, hard drives and complex materials is no easy task. Equipment can be prove cost prohibitive and leave behind a lot of debris.

It’s best to outsource this task of recycling or disposing of your old server to a company that specializes in these tasks.

Choose the right company to do this today. ProTek Recycling will personally pick up the servers from your office and recycle them according to best practices and procedures. ProTek also offers permanent destruction of personally identifiable data and sends a serialized certificate of destruction afterward.

Helpful tips from ProTek Recycling for efficient server equipment disposal:

  • Check the height of the server racks and the height of the door, hallway, sprinkler heads, and elevator height. ProTek can often can still remove equipment when a server rack is taller than the areas above, but it’s important to know so the process is as efficient as it can be.
  • Server racks, servers and battery backup systems need to be turned off, unplugged, unbolted, and disconnected from the building infrastructure. Especially power lines going to the units.  ProTek Recycling does not disconnect any systems from the network, and do not do electrical work to disconnect hardware from the building.  Clients must have this all done in advance.
  • Having the server equipment on racks can make the removal faster with less disruption.

Improperly handling your old servers has quite a few implications including:

With an increase in identity theft and more, companies that handle legal data are held to a few rules against mishandling of client’s data such as general data protection regulations and HIPAA rules. They ensure that data storage companies prevent private information from becoming public.

  • Environmental implications

It is illegal for companies to just send old servers to landfills anymore. These devices have some hazardous components that could cause issues for humans and the environment at large. Recycling companies have the capacity to responsibly recycle and dispose of environmentally sensitive materials.

  • Possible data theft

If these servers fall into the wrong hands, sensitive information, or intellectual property could be stolen from them and used against the company.

Recycling old servers comes with numerous benefits for businesses and the environment. From protecting the environment and sensitive information to being on the right side of the law, we certainly advocate for server recycling and recommend this route for all companies.

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