Guarantee Your Data is Gone Not Just Deleted

When the time comes to recycle your old equipment such as PCs, desktops, or laptops, you will need to know if your files were deleted or if the hard drive was wiped, or better yet – if the hard drive was destroyed.

More often than not, deleted files can be recovered which can be an issue if you do not take the proper precautions when disposing of your electronic equipment. Files ranging from proprietary business information, financial information, to private information about your clients can all be restored if your hard drive were to find itself in the hands of the wrong person. This makes it essential to work with a qualified recycling company to handle your data destruction. ProTek Recycling not only abides by New York State Electronic Equipment and Recycling Act but also guarantees the destruction of your data. While there are steps and precautions you are able to take on your own, only experienced professionals can truly destroy your data.

ProTek Recycling is dedicated to protecting the data of our clients which is why we provide in-house services that completely and irrevocably destroy your data. While some may offer a “factory reset” for your equipment, in many cases this has proven to not be enough. Our experts offer two levels of secure data destructions: software destruction and physical destruction. Both options will render your data irretrievable. We also offer our clients peace of mind with our chain of custody report so that they know exactly who handled their equipment once it left your facility until the final step of destruction. Get your free quote today and let us know what unwanted electronics are taking up space in your office!

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