Extend the Life of Your Computer by Replacing Components and Recycling What You Do Not Need

If your computer is a little sluggish or simply does not work, you may be tempted to replace it. While replacements seem cheaper, you may get more out of your investment by replacing certain components. Sometimes a slow computer just needs a pick-me-up or even a new memory card, while other times you may need something more costly like a battery or graphics card. Regardless, look at your computer as a revolving investment that you do not have to replace when it has a minor hiccup. Once you replace the components, find a company that offers professional computer recycling to safely dispose of those peripherals.

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Ways to Improve Computer Performance without Replacing the Unit

Computers are meant to be upgraded every few years. Whether you are looking to swap out software or replace components, there are things you can do to enhance performance, including:

  • Add More RAM – RAM (your computer’s memory) can increase the speed of your computer. When computer resources are not competing for memory, you will notice less lag time and faster performance. This is an inexpensive upgrade and is simple enough to replace yourself.
  • Replace the Battery – If your laptop’s battery will not hold a charge, do not replace the entire laptop – replace the battery. Replacement batteries are available from the manufacturer as well as third-party retailers and are much less than the cost of a new laptop.
  • Erase Files – Your computer will fill up with miscellaneous and even temporary files you no longer need. Use a software program to clean out all of the “junk” files so that you can increase memory, space, and speed.
  • Upgrade Your Drive – If you have a desktop, you can change out your hard drive. Take a look at your current seek speed, RPMs, cache size, and transfer rate, and then find a model that is better and faster. You can upgrade to an SSD as well, which will give you a much faster hard drive.

Computer Recycling Can Take Care of Your Outdated and Unwanted Components

As you replace your computer components, look for a company that offers computer and laptop recycling. By recycling, you can keep these peripherals from contaminating groundwater and soil, while still giving your computer the necessary performance boost it needs.

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