eWaste: Are You Compliant?

ewaste lined up for proper disposal

Many people do not realize the recycling electronics is an important issue. When electronics are improperly recycled by a business, this can not only put the company’s data at risk, but can also result in legal action being taken against the company. We see a recent example of this when Comcast was found guilty of illegal eWaste practices for the past 10 years and made to pay a settlement of $26 million. Not only is the illegal dumping of electronics hazardous to the environment and your company’s security, but it is also a tough cleanup job that takes a lot of time, money, and resources to correct.

Environmentalleader.com mentions five ways companies can be sure that their corporation is remaining eWaste compliant. They are:

  1. Keep eWaste management centralized, as opposed to letting individual branches and departments handle it themselves.
  2. Be sure that all devices that contain data are protected by properly recycling. Even a copy machine or printer can contain a hard drive that stores information!
  3. Read up on your federal and state eWaste regulations and know them thoroughly.
  4. Work with a legitimate, registered eWaste vendor that you can trust (like ProTek!).
  5. Use a single eWaste vendor as opposed to multiple vendors to keep the process simple.

Avoid the risks and legal problems by letting ProTek of all of your electronics recycling needs! Contact us to request a quote or schedule a pickup today!

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