Electronic Recycling Helping Protect US National Security

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The benefits of properly recycling electronic material is doing much more than protecting our environment. It’s also helping protect the United States from potential security threats. How is this possible?

According to a January report from Forbes, some of the electronic items used in US security systems were made with counterfeit electronic parts. How? In the past e-waste was basically put on a boat where most of it was smuggled into China. There, people would rip it apart and once they were done doing so, the parts that were salvaged were sent to factories that specialized in counterfeiting electronics.

These counterfeit products are then sold all around the world, and the US, and most of them do not work the way they are intended. Basically that could mean that a circuit board in a big corporation’s server room might not be up to par. The way the process works, the former product ID is washed off with acid and then recoated. In both the public and private sector privacy and security is key. Faulty products could ultimately lead to leaks.

When it comes to our defenses in the United States, missile systems could also fall prey to this counterfeit operation. In 2009 and 2010 there were more than 1 million counterfeit parts identified in key defense systems.

Now that most states in the USA have stricter e-waste laws and regulations that fall under the Producer Responsibility regulation, most e-waste is being reused and disposed of in the proper ways. This is key for making sure that our Nation’s defenses are operating with the proper equipment.

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