Educating Youth about Computer and Laptop Recycling

Everyone can do their part to reduce society’s impact on the environment. One of the best ways to ensure a better environment in the future is by educating young individuals that will have a great impact on it. Schools around the country educate students on the importance of recycling, but one key area that is left out of these lesson plans is computer and laptop recycling.

As the country relies more on technology, it is important that computer recycling plays a key role in all recycling efforts. This is especially important because E-waste is a growing concern in the United States. By educating youth about the importance of electronics recycling, there could be a significant reduction in waste and energy consumption in the future.

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Tips for Getting Youth More Active in Computer Recycling

Educating younger individuals on the importance of recycling is not easy. Sometimes it takes showing them how they can contribute to a better environment and finding ways to get them more active in recycling efforts. Some things you can do include:

  • Hosting E-Waste Recycling Days – Your school can host an E-waste recycling day for students and their families. Here they can bring outdated, broken electronics in for recycling.
  • Have On-Site Collection Boxes – Create on-site collection boxes for students to drop off items for refurbishing or recycling. Have boxes for plastic materials, paper products, metal and of course, electronics.
  • Refer to the EPA’s eCycling Event Tool Kits – The Environmental Protection Agency has numerous publications and tools for educators regarding E-waste recycling. Their tool kit provides a school with the necessary tasks needed to host an event, how to plan an event, and important post-event tasks so that they can maximize the effects of their recycling days.

Partner with a Local Company Specializing in Electronics Recycling

By partnering with a local recycler, you can get the entire school involved in laptop and computer recycling. Lead by example and recycle outdated school computers, printers and other peripherals too. Show students where their products go, how they are recycled and how they can help save the environment. You could even host a field trip to see recycling in action at ProTek Recycling.

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