Data Destruction in the Healthcare Industry & Electronics Recycling

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At ProTek recycling, we have a large service area. If we take into account our computer and electronics recycling in New York City alone, there are a multitude of healthcare providers and roughly 180 hospitals that probably hold patient data in digital storage.

Is My Personal Health Data Safe on Electronic Storage Devices?

This is a question on many people’s minds and generally speaking, from a technological standpoint, the answer is yes. But what happens when hospitals and healthcare providers recycle their computers and electronics during upgrades and breakdowns? That’s where eWaste recycling comes into play and data security and data destruction is an important factor when choosing a recycling company.

EPHI (Electronic Patient Health Information) on Hard Drives & Media

EPHI can remain on servers, hard drives, imaging equipment and more – so when a hospital needs to recycle their electronic media, secure and permanent data destruction is very important; not just for the hospital to remain compliant with HIPAA rules and standards, but for the safety and peace of mind for the millions of patients hospitals treat each year.

Paper Shredding of Yesterday is Clearly Not Enough

It used to be that health care providers would shred paper copies of patient data. Today, most sensitive patient data is stored electronically as well. The permanent destruction of electronic data is enforced and non-compliance can cost a hospital or health care provider a lot with regard to fines.


Seeking an eWaste Recycling Company with More Than Adequate Data Destruction Services

Fines aside, the loss of reputation and loss of patients because of data security breaches is enough to ruin the business side of healthcare in an instant. If you’re in charge of seeking a computer recycling company, inquire about their practices and standards ahead of time and don’t assume that your data will be destroyed.

We here at ProTek are proud of our data destruction practices and would be happy to discuss them with you at length. Call us today (978-621-4358) and schedule a meeting and pick up of your electronics and computers for permanent data destruction and environmentally-safe recycling.

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